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Information Intelligence 
Innovation Community


The Information Intelligence Innovation Community (I3 Community) is an ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISV), managed service providers (MSP) and information intelligence aware organizations designed to trailblaze a new era of Enterprise Intelligence. The I3 community aims to connect Information Intelligence startups and companies with modern MSPs and organizations who face with Information Intelligence challenges.


We invite Information Startups to apply, assimilate their products, and collaborate with the IIA's CIOs, IT personnel, and CISOs to gain traction in the market place and gather critical feedback from industry leaders. Startups participating in this program will gain experience working with large and significant customer and thereby streamline and improve their product in a continuous and efficient manner. 

Organizations facing Information Intelligence challenges will have the unique opportunity to experiment with new technologies and groundbreaking products designed to surface insights, help become information intelligence aware, and be protected from future information security risks. 


Fill out the form below & join the program:

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