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Information Intelligence


Information Intelligence will transform enterprise software and usher in a new era of enterprise intelligence.


IIA Membership

The IIA's activities, solutions, and knowledge connect the entire community — from software vendors to Information Intelligence experts to multi-national enterprises — and provide a forum through which we can work together to create and maintain the future of information intelligence ecosystem. 


Information Intelligence Reports

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Information Intelligence Training


The IIA's mission is to arm organizations with Information Intelligence and unlock revolutionary approaches to information compliance, governance and security.

The first step to identifying, managing, and securing information is through Information Intelligence. Revolutionary AI and InfoSec products will transform the way you will understand your organization's information landscape.

Help organizations uncover unfiltered truth about their Information 

Our Mission


Information Intelligence

Enterprise Software Augmented Information Intelligence  

We are swimming in a sea of information. But only those with the ability to understand their information will be able to keep their heads above water.


Organizations harnessing Information Intelligence will be able to increase productivity, stay competitive, and enable the entire company to make faster, smarter decisions.

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