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Information Intelligence


What is the information?

Who is collaborating

on it?

Where is it?

Is it Credible?

Is it at risk?


What is the information?

Information is a processed, organized data presented in a given context and is useful to humans. Information Intelligence is the the general paradigm that design to turn data into meaningful information for people. It is done by understanding group of data that collectively carry a logical meaning. And doing that, computers can answer a very simple question to us, humans, yet too abstracts for machines - "what is it?"


Story is the meaning communicated driven by experience and context. And without understanding the story of the information, how can you ever understand it? Who created it? Who contributed to it? accessed it? 

Who collaborates on it?


Where is it?

To utilize, control and govern your information it must be available when it is needed, and you need to know where it is. Any version and copy of it.  

Is it Credible?

Information is loses is meaning if it's wrong. That enforces organizations to govern the information, yet the volumes of information collaborated and  it's complexity makes it impossible to maintain the integrity of the information without information intelligence.  Integrity refers to maintaining the accuracy, and completeness of data. In other words, it is about knowing if something have been modified, by whom, why and if the information which information is more credible, before it was modified, or after. 


Is it at Risk?

Information Intelligence Association mission is to help organizations to discover ways to utilize Information Intelligence for compliance, governance and security of their information. The first step of compliance, governance or security of information in your organization is to information intelligence. Information Intelligence will transform the way you will understand your information landscape in your organization.

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