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Securonix Next-Gen SIEM


In our analysis, Securonix scores highly in a number of areas: Value, Deployment, Ease of Use and Detection were in the top two, with Response and Management right behind. Behavioral, user and data monitoring are standout features. The cloud-delivered service is priced based on the number of employees, making it one of the simpler pricing schemes in a market where data and incident volume predominate.


Generic Regular Expressions Discovery, Data Catalog

Legacy SIEM solutions were not designed or built for the cloud. They struggle to gain visibility and scale to handle the escalating amount of data that is generated by cloud solutions. This leaves significant gaps in your security coverage, especially for cloud monitoring.  With Securonix you are covered. Leverage Securonix cloud-native next-generation SIEM with multi-tenancy, offering complete visibility into on-premises, cloud, and edge devices, and scale easily as your data requirements grow.  Cloud-Native Infrastructure for Multi-Tenancy: Full next-generation SIEM capabilities located wholly in the cloud, without infrastructure to manage, and with unlimited scalability. We are SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001:2013 compliant, and a HITRUST CSF certified cloud security platform.  Built-In Cloud Application Integrations: Securonix ingests data from cloud applications and infrastructure, as well as from on-premises solutions, giving you visibility across your hybrid infrastructure. Benefit from real-time enrichment with over 350 cloud connectors built in.

Send Incident Report

With intuitive analyst workflow for threat hunting and incident response, Securonix SOAR drives down response times.  Spotter Search: Enable blazing-fast threat hunting using natural language search. The Spotter search capability gives threat hunters the ability to search across recent and historical data without impacting SIEM performance.  Response Bot: This recommendation engine makes automated suggestions for next steps to take during incident response and learns from an analyst’s past actions. Take advantage of automation and playbooks that help Tier 1 analysts to act like Tier 3 analysts, driving down response times.

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