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QAD Cloud ERP is an adaptive solution for companies looking to take control of their warehousing processes. It is scalable and works with evolving business needs. It is cloud-based and supports business processes specific to the industries they serve, and it has flexible deployment options.


Generic Regular Expressions Discovery, Data Catalog

With the quickly evolving and frequent changes in customer demand, manufacturers require complete visibility and real-time collaboration with their customers to better respond, to demand changes, fulfill quality products on-time, and exceed the customer’s expectations and satisfaction with timely service. Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises ensure an outstanding customer experience to help acquire, sell to and retain customers with the least effort and expense.

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Facilitate real-time communication and ordering from customers through a web storefront and self-service portal. Ensure your B2B and B2C customers can easily place and track orders in a secure and personalized way over the Internet. When additionally using the QAD Configurator, customers can custom order products utilizing a state of the art rules engine.

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