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Privacy Hub


"Privacy Hub by Wrangu is the Solution for data privacy management.

Privacy Hub combines the flexibility to meet your business needs, whilst creating efficiencies to drive your ROI, and delivering transparency to keep the board happy."


DSAR Automation

Manage & Automate Data Subject Rights Requests Challenge: How do I manage and automate Data Subject Access Requests and ensure they are fulfilled as per regulation?  Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s DSR module automates the process of Data Subject Rights Requests, driving the process from start to finish and within SLAs, under whichever regulations apply to your organization.

Policy Enforcement

Privacy Impact Assessments Challenge: How do I ensure response from across my organisation, on a consistent and timely basis without draining my/my team’s time?  Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s DPIA module automates all Privacy Assessments (including Privacy Risk Assessment, PIAs, DPIAs), as and when needed, in real-time and with true transparency.

Activity Mapping

Efficient Reporting with the Data Privacy Dashboard Challenge: How do I create reports for senior management efficiently and with the level of transparency that they require?   Solution: Our Data Privacy Management Software: Privacy Hub’s DPO Dashboard enables real-time reporting which can be activated on all data contained within the system. Further, this can be automated creating a touchless data privacy solution.

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