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Log Rhythm

Log Rhythm


LogRhythm scored high in almost all areas. Response, Detection and Management were all top scores, and Deployment and Ease of Use were also highly rated. It’s about as full-featured as a SIEM product can be, with all of the 37 major features we look for offered, although UEBA and network monitoring cost extra. It is available in cloud, software, hardware and hybrid versions. Users are very high on the product’s detection, response, compliance and log management capabilities.


Data Catalog

Effective collection and normalization of data to enable accurate and reliable analysis Real-time visibility across your environment to quickly identify and prioritize potential issues Ease of accessing and searching across raw and parsed data for investigation and compliance Ability to map your security and IT operations to existing frameworks such as NIST and MITRE ATT&CK

Policy Enforcement

Ensure compliance adherence with real-time visibility and notifications to ensure awareness of all compliance-related activity Prebuilt compliance modules automatically detect violations as they occur to remove the burden of manually reviewing audit logs

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