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Code 42



"Code42 insider risk detection and response for the collaborative and remote enterprise.

Code42 speeds the time it takes to detect and respond to data risk from insider threats. We help to stop insider threat surprises without disrupting legitimate work. We do this by detecting how data is being used and shared across computers, cloud and email. We provide risk detection lenses to help you focus on the largest insider threat scenarios affecting your organization. What makes us unique is the speed and simplicity we bring to investigations. The depth and history of our information allows you to quickly decide and act. And because time matters, we make it easy to get started. You can deploy and be up and running in just a couple weeks."


Sensitivity Labels

Risk Detection Lenses A view of activity for a subset of users who are at a higher likelihood of putting data at risk. Examples include users experiencing an employment milestone, such as departure, or who have risk factors that require closer monitoring, such as contractors. Adding users to a lens kicks off system alerts and user management workflows so you can programmatically protect data when it is most vulnerable.

Data Protection

Risk Exposure Dashboard A company-wide view of suspicious file movement, sharing and exfiltration activities by vector and file type. Reveals the top employees whose file activity needs investigation as well as concerning remote employee activity. Quickly investigate Insider Risk as well as identify security awareness gaps, Shadow IT and policy violations.

Data Mapping

High-Fidelity Alerts Provide comprehensive event, file, vector and user information to quickly assess priority. Can be emailed or sent to your system of record and are triggered based on a number of file and event criteria. Alerts rules determine when you are notified by Incydr and not what activity is monitored. This ensures there are no gaps in context during Insider Risk investigations.

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