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Exabeam’s Security Management Platform shows solid results in every category, making for a nicely balanced product. Coupled with high scores in Support and Ease of Use, it’s a good SIEM product for smaller or less sophisticated companies to consider, but add-on capabilities make it a good product for larger enterprises. A broad range of deployment options and a modular approach (cloud, analytics, incident response, threat hunting) give Exabeam appeal for just about any company.


Data Mapping, Data Catalog

Visibility is the first pillar of security operations, but is constantly hampered by the continuous spread of data, infrastructure and applications – in a modern organization data is truly everywhere. Inefficient and overly complex traditional logging tools often require knowledge of proprietary query language, and are slow to deliver results. Fusion SIEM collects data from the endpoint to the cloud, eliminating blind spots to give analysts a full picture of their environment. Rapid, guided search boosts productivity, and ensures analysts of all levels can promptly access valuable data exactly when they need it.

Data Protection

It has become too complicated to build an effective SOC using legacy SIEMs and a smattering of purpose-built security products. There is no standard way to tackle cyber security and every SOC is unique, with its own mix of tools, level of staffing and maturity, and processes. Fusion SIEM solves this by leveraging prescriptive, threat-centered TDIR Use Case Packages that provide repeatable workflows and prepackaged content that spans the entire TDIR lifecycle. These use cases provide a standardized way to easily achieve effective, repeatable security outcomes for specific threat types. They include all of the content necessary to operationalize that use case, including: prescribed data sources, parsers, detection rules and models, investigation and response checklists, and automated playbooks.

Policy Enforcement

Many organizations must adhere to one or more compliance regulations. Creating and maintaining compliance reports is both a time consuming and vital exercise. Whether you’re subject to GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, NYDFS, NERC, or utilizing a framework such as NIST, Fusion SIEM significantly reduces the operational overhead of compliance monitoring and reporting.  Fusion SIEM’s pre-packaged reports provide huge savings in time spent correlating information, solve the risk of missing vital data, and eliminate the need to hand craft compliance reports through report builder tools.

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