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FortiSIEM Solutions


Fortinet has undergone more third-party testing than any other vendor on this list, so you can be sure you’re buying strong security. FortiSIEM scored highly in Detection, Response and Management, the three categories most aligned with security. Deployment and Ease of Use are also solid. Compliance, asset discovery and threat intelligence are particularly strong areas. Fortinet offers every feature we examined for this review, although EDR, IDPS and vulnerability monitoring cost extra.


Policy Enforcement

FortiSIEM identifies external and internal threats faster. Plus, it enables threat hunting and compliance monitoring.  Incident detection time is reduced with a patented and distributed correlation engine to detect incidents. Out-the-box content includes pre-designed parsers, dashboards, and reporting to cover the most commonly found devices, delivering quick value FortiSIEM Analytics helps hunt for threats and indicators of compromise (IOC). Insider threats are identified with FortiSIEM UEBA, using an agent on endpoints to collect telemetry on behavior. Overall, the mean time to respond (MTTR) is reduced

Send Incident Report, Data Protection

Most FortiSIEM features including dashboards, analytics, incidents, configuration management database (CMBD), and administration are accessed via an intuitive, web-based GUI.

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