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Enterprise DLP


Information protection applies security solutions and other technologies, as well as processes and policies, to secure information. Protect your data against accidental mistakes, attacks and insider risk—across your cloud services, email, endpoint, and on-premises file shares. Leverage common classifiers honed over 10 years. And achieve fast time to value and optimize your end user experience with a modern architecture that’s easy to deploy and maintain.


Policy enforcements

Address the full range of data risk from negligent, compromised and malicious users

Make faster decision

Make Faster Decisions With our people-centric approach, you get a faster response and investigation time. And not only within your security and compliance teams, but also with legal and HR departments. With our unified alert and investigations interface, your security and compliance teams can respond quickly. Since visibility anchors on the person, you can either shut down compromised cloud accounts or apply encryption to the email that triggered the policy

Make faster decision

Today, all data loss is inherently people-centric. Unfortunately, DLP solutions of the old world didn’t have the telemetry and alerts looked the same. This relegated them to just a compliance checkbox. With Proofpoint, your security and compliance teams can address the complete range of people-centric data loss scenarios. You can quickly understand and respond appropriately, whether you are dealing with compromised employee who’s leaking your intellectual property or it’s a false positive. And all with a single solution

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