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Symantec Email Security cloud


Threat and anti-spam protection system intended to defend your email from phishing, ransomware, and business email compromise. 


Encrypt Content

Shut down sophisticated spear phishing attacks by isolating suspicious email links and web downloads.  Stop credential theft by rendering suspicious websites in read-only mode, preventing users from submitting sensitive data.  Prevent ransomware and other malware from infecting users by isolating suspicious email attachments.  Symantec Email Threat Isolation supports cloud, on-premises, and third-party email security solutions.

Restrict Access, Policy Enforcement

Stop spear phishing emails with multiple layers of protection, threat isolation, spam filtering, advanced security email analytics, built-in user awareness, education tools, and more.  Block the latest ransomware with content defense, sandboxing, and link protection technologies that detect emerging, stealthy, and zero-day attacks.  Defeat business email compromise with impersonation protection, sender authentication enforcement and brand protection controls.  Protect your brand reputation by using automation to solve the practical issues of enforcing sender authentication (DMARC, DKIM and SPF) with Symantec Email Fraud Protection.  Expose and stop the stealthiest threats by applying insights gathered from the world’s largest global intelligence network.

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