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Data Security Platform


"Rapidly reduce risk, detect abnormal behavior, and prove compliance with the all-in-one data security platform that won’t slow you down.


Sensitivity Labels

Varonis scans every file and automatically identifies sensitive data using hundreds of ready-built rules and validation algorithms.  It’s the only platform that reviews access down the entire tree instead of making dangerous assumptions that leave exploitable blind spots.  And it won’t slow down your network.

Data Protection

Access is mapped by connecting users and security groups to access control lists on the data stores themselves.  Every global access group and broken ACL becomes immediately obvious.  And because events are tied back to identities, Varonis can highlight users who no longer need access.

Data Mapping

Instead of enormous unmanageable lists, our dashboards give you fast answers to questions like…  How many sensitive files are open to everyone? Which sensitive data has been shared with external users? Whose mailboxes have serious permissions issues? Which admin, executive, or service accounts are vulnerable to breach? All of the context and granular details are within just a few clicks.  With context at your fingertips, you can prioritize your efforts based on risk, sensitivity or access activity.

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