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Data Rights Protection


Automate end-to-end data rights fulfillment and reporting


Data Catalog

Quickly Locate All the Data Kept on an Individual Today, finding personal and sensitive information in the vast stores of data is not enough. BigID enables customers to locate all the data they keep on an individual everywhere. It identifies contextual personal information, automatically determines to whom it belongs, and looks across all data sources.

DSAR Automation

Fulfill Data Rights Request at Scale BigID automates DSARs at scale by first finding and inventorying what data the organization has on an individual, and secondly, by fully operationalizing the request and fulfillment activity to accommodate various portal requests, configurable response types, batch for larger volume scenarios, and consent integration.

Policy Enforcement

Effectively Comply With Personal Requirements Privacy regulations increasingly mandate that individuals have the right to access, correct, restrict, or delete the personal data that organizations collect on them. In order to comply with this, customers use BigID to know their own data to a degree never before needed, correlate any sensitive data accurately back to an individual, and take action on it.

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