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Bitglass is a cloud-native CASB that can also be deployed in a docker container for on-premises client requirements. It combines forward and reverse proxy and API approaches, browser-based reverse proxy helps it catch threats that network-based reverse proxies might miss. Bitglass supports mobile and unmanaged devices, including mobile device management capabilities.


Data Mapping

The Bitglass multi-protocol proxy architecture with Zero-Day Core ensures protection from known and unknown data leakage risks and malware threats, on managed and unmanaged apps, as well as on managed and unmanaged devices.  For managed apps, Bitglass provides zero-day support for any application, providing real-time data & threat protection, identity and visibility. No catalog or signatures required. Bitglass’ agentless reverse proxy capability leverages patent pending AJAX-VM technology to ensure application resilience. Competitive CASBs either rely entirely on cumbersome agent-based forward proxy solutions, or suffer from breakages and downtime as cloud providers update and change their applications.  For unmanaged apps, Bitglass’ patented-pending machine-learning approach automatically identifies new applications and learns application behaviors and leakage paths, allowing coaching, blocking and zero-day control for any existing or new application on your network.

Data Protection

DLP & Access Control Bitglass’ integrated, high-performance Data Loss Prevention and access control engines identify and control the context by which applications are being accessed, as well as the data being accessed.  Contextual access control tracks numerous contextual variables, including location, user group, access method, managed vs unmanaged device, time-of-day and more. Fine-grained control allows your organization to vary the level of access within and across cloud applications.  Comprehensive DLP identifies and controls sensitive data-at-rest and upon access. Detection capabilities range from a pre-built library of common data types, to policy sync from premises DLP policies, ICAP integration, and advanced policies including exact match, document fingerprinting, occurrence and proximity based matching, and a broad expression language which provides custom policy creation.  The DLP and access control engines are paired with several remediation actions that allow you to extend access to sensitive data, without giving up visibility and control. Remediation actions include quarantine, preview only, redact, DRM, encrypt, track/watermark and more.

Send Incident Report

User Behavior Analytics From initial deployment, the Bitglass system learns user behavior while simultaneously collecting detailed reporting on every user and admin transaction. Increased control, such as step-up authentication, and suspicious activity alerting provide visibility and mitigation to minimize risk.  These user behavior analytics are fed into reporting and dashboard system that enables rapid incident response and management. REST API is available to allow integration into major SIEM platforms or any other security operations workflow.

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