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DataGrail is the privacy platform modern brands rely on to build customer trust and transparency. We untangle the complexity of data privacy and help brands build privacy programs that work, giving them an easy-to-use platform to automate and scale privacy, and stay compliant with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA. 


Data Mapping

Live Data Map  At the core of any privacy solution is a data map, because to complete a data subject request you need to know where to look.  DataGrail’s Live Data Map provides a blueprint of where data lives in your organization. And, any changes made to the systems used at your organization are kept up-to-date.

DSAR Automation

Request Manager  Within minutes, complete a data subject request (DSR), eliminating error-prone manual processes and ensuring continuous compliance.  When a data subject request (DSR) comes in, Request Manager instantly identifies where personal data is across your entire business, and populates the details of the request into your online dashboard. Fulfill DSRs accurately, efficiently and seamlessly.

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