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Compliance Bond


ComplianceBond simplifies and centralizes regulatory compliance management, minimizes risk exposure, and produces real-time reporting.


Data Catalog

Organize and manage all your regulatory requirements and policies in a central location. Rationalize compliance obligations that aren’t applicable and focus on the most pressing issues. Harmonize multiple requirements to a single control to reduce duplicating efforts across teams or individuals. Track, measure, and identify the impacts of various regulations, then set priorities. Assign resources to the highest-priority tasks.

DSAR Automation

Delegate compliance assessments with data automation and questionnaires. Connect to and test 100% of your data, freeing your team from manual testing and data acquisition tasks. Monitor metrics like KPIs, KRIs, and KCIs to spot trends or outliers, and trigger alerts if thresholds are met. Connect your compliance requirements to internal controls and monitor everything through data automation. Assign self-assessments to control owners and save the responses as proof of compliance.

Policy Enforcement

Share a real-time picture of your compliance posture with real-time dashboards. Drill down into reports to see specific controls, compliance processes, risks, and issues. Create “self-serve” regulatory dashboards for management, the board, and regulators. Find, flag, and report on potential control gaps or failures. With one-click reports and templates, easily generate reports for the C-suite and board.

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