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Commvault backup and recovery


Commvault Backup & Recovery provides enterprise-grade protection and recovery of virtual machines, containers, databases, applications (including cloud), endpoints and files. 
Commvault also allows to manage backed-up data and workloads efficiently and securely, both on-premises and in any public cloud.


Data backup and recovery

Comprehensive workload coverage (files, apps, databases, virtual, containers, cloud) from a single extensible platform and user interface High-performance backups via storage integrations Automated tiering for long-term retention and archiving

Data Retention

Rapid, granular recovery of data and applications, including instant recovery of virtual machines Built-in ransomware protection including anomaly detection and reporting End-to-end encryption, including data-at-rest and data-in-flight encryption, to ensure your data is secure

Integrations for data backup, Data backup and recovery

Easily back up, recover, and move data and workloads to/from/within/between clouds Reduce costs with minimal infrastructure requirements in the cloud or on-premises Optimize cloud vs on-premises location of data and workloads via policy-driven automation

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